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Personal OR Business Legal Documents

Privacy Policy - ₦2,000

A website privacy policy is a legal document providing information about how a website user's personal information will be used, It informs users of how their information will be collected, stored, disclosed to a third party and used on the website.


Employment Contract - ₦3,000

This is a simple document that establishes the relationship between the Employee and Employer. It also serves as an agreement on the salary, work hours, benefits, job duties and ultimately what you and your new employee expect.


Tenancy Agreement - ₦3,000

As either a landlord or tenant, this document organises all aspects of the tenancy agreement in one document. It helps you to understand and protect all rights and obligations, thereby minimising the likelihood of any misunderstanding and ensuring that both parties have a written record to fall back on in the event of a dispute.


Non-Disclosure Agreement - ₦4,000

This is a vital document for parties that want to protect information vital and confidential to their business such as intellectual property assets and details, financials, projections, trade secrets, ideas etc. Ultimately, it serves to protect the important and/or proprietary information of a party.


Legal Search on a Land - ₦8,000

This is a documents that legally confirm the availability of a land.


Board Resolution - Free

It is a written document that stated the conclusion or decision taken in the meeting of board or directors of a company