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Someone is owing me money
Good day Sir...I was born and brought up in Kaduna parents are both Igbos still leaves in Kaduna stateI did my primary and secondary school education still in Kaduna....pls my question is can I claim right to Kaduna state indigen
My client was accused of inflating prices in bills which are to be submitted to the company for provision of funds. The company suspects and sets up a panel who questions my client but he says he is innocent as all he did is sign off on bills but is not responsible for calculating the figures. The amount misapprpriated was deducted frm his salary account and he was dismissed. He has come to seek redress and needs advice on how to go about it
Is BN "upgradable" to IT?
I want to register a school and just got to know that I could use any of the structures but I tend to be more in tune with IT
I really sincerely wish I can do it with just a Business Name registration. Is that possible?
The owner of the property where i reside is yet to make any commitment for fix the broken fence at the rear of the compound and to raise the fence at the front of the compound which was an exit point for some thieves who used the premises as an escape route some time ago (actually more than a year to date 16/7/2019). These issues were discussed in the compound meeting but met with outright refusal by the owner. I declared i would not pay any rent until the issues were addressed. I was given a quit notice afterwards. Hence, the question - Am I expected to pay for the 6 months period after being issued a quit notice?

I have issued my tenant a six months quit notice and it has expired. However, the tenant has not removed his possessions and the shop is under lock.


I have issued my tenant a six months quit notice and it has expired. However, the tenant has not removed his property and the shop is under lock.

My cousin took money from me and my husband and has refused to pay, pls how can I handle it in court, when I ask him he insults me
NON SOLICITATION: You are not expected to solicit for employment or take up employment from any of our Client’s during the period of employment and for a period of one (1) year after determination of your employment. Violation of this shall entitle our company to assert liquidated damages against you in the sum equal to 150% of annual salary together with reasonable Legal fees incurred for enforcing this provision.
My tenant will not move out. WHat Can I do? He has promised to leave since the last 6 months and hasnt don so.
Hi. Am a single mom and I have a daughter of 4yrs. Since the time I conceived av been the only one taking responsibilities of my child. Her fathers family are always giving excuses that they don't have money that's why they can't take responsibilities.. It's not been easy but by God's grace I have been able to pull through and still learning the process of becoming a great mom. Am not complaining about the responsibilities because I can do it all alone.(at least I have been doing it for the past 4yrs now and am okay with it. ) How possible is it to get full custody since my child's father isn't contributing a penny. And what does the law say about custody of single parent. Note:Am not married to him.
Pls help me out cos am really confused...Thanks and God bless.
Is proxy marriage legal in Nigeria . ?
We had an Islamic marriage, and he has given me Talaq+Islamic divorce agreement, though have not signed it). Pls advise.
John borrowed a sum of #20,000 from me, and promised to pay before the 17th of march 2017, I traveled to Abuja for a business and ran out of money, I met John at Abuja Town and demanded the repayment of my money to enable me travel back to Lagos, John explained to me that he will not be able to pay all but gave me #15,000 as full and final payment which I accepted.
We later saw in Lagos and I want to recover the balance of my money. Am consulting you for legal advice. Advice me.
Tunde entered into an agreement with funso under which funso was to paint the former car for an agreed sum of money. Funso mistaking tolu's car for Tunde painted tolu's car. After the paint work had been done, Tolu was so satisfied; that he promised funso that he would pay for the services. Tolu later changed his mind and has refused to pay. Advice the parties.
Good day sir/MA, kindly look into my issue and advice because I need a lawyer ASAP. He also posted pictures of himself and the lady in question wearing the same t-shirt on Facebook and announced his relationship with her to everyone including family members and friends. My husband and I got married on the 7th of November 2014 in a registry in lagos then did other rites church and traditional marriage in may 2015.
We have been okay until June after I delivered my daughter he started to act funny and was threatening to get physical with me even for very irrelevant issues, he has done that a few things in our marriage. On one occasion my mum and his dad were around and a little agreement ensued between us and in front of them he said "you will pay for this" kind of threaten my life, he later went ahead to text my dad that he was no longer interested in our marriage for no just reason, he actions were questionable. Days later things got worse he was acting irratic like he was going to hur...
I want a divorce on grounds of irreconcilable differences what do I do? What are the procedures
Good day lawyer,please I need your advise on this issue that has bugged me for long

Partiality in allocation of federal government landed property by presidential implementation committee on the sale of govt houses in lagos.

Sometime in 2006,my husband(of blessed memory) obtained expression of interest form for the the 2 bedroom flat where we have lived for 23 years, after the govt advertised the sale of its properties for legal sitting tenants . thereafter,he filled the form and obtained a #10000 bank draft which is the required fee for proof of expression of interest.once he was through with the process, he proceeded to the lagos state liaison office of the committee at oyikan abayomi drive,ikoyi on September 9 of that same year along with a letter of introduction signed by his then commander,acknowledging him as the occupant of the said property;and submitted all the required documents.

About six(6) months later,on the 27th of march 2007;he took part in the FHA house ve...

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