8 years ago I had a nervous breakdown and I did a stupid act to one of my kids? I mildly diluted her formula and I called for help and told them what I did. I was convicted with a felony 4 and spent 45 days in jail. I have been having supervised visits now for 5 years for only 2 hours a month. I travel 8 hours each way to see her I am doing Pro se because I don't have money for a lawyer. I want to know is there any chance that I can ever get unsupervised visitation. I want to repeat this happened 8 years ago and I have completely changed my life around. I am graduating in December with 2 degrees, I have 2 part time jobs. And I am a very well respected person in 3 different communities. I have done everything a person can do to change and I want to have more than 2 hours a month? Can I?

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