Good Sir/Ma,
I have a lady who sue me to court because of my two kids. i met mother of kids in Oct 2012 while she advice me to get accommodation far from my parent. we both rent 2 bedroom flat in MOWE area and we are unmarried due to dating married men and receiving calls alot from married men. she gave birth to a son in Dec 2013 while i lost my Job in july 2013. she told me she want to go back to her parent house while i didnt allow her to take my son with her to her parent house, after she left i got another job within a week she left. she couldnt endure 3months i lost my job. i told her ve gotten anoda job while she also told me she's prgnant for me for second baby. i still did my normal responbility on both kids and her. latter discover my son is HIV positive while am negative, her mother also did the test when she was pregnant discovered she's positive. i slept hospital for almost 3 months to make sure my son is ok and also discovered he's having tuberculoses also stay in hospital for 2 months to make sure he's ok. presently he's having Whooping cough which am trying my best with both prayers and money to make sure he's ok. for second baby i make sure she took HIV drugs given to her after birth, to make sure she's. everyday i always go to my wife parent place to look after my baby girl to know her welfare and her drugs is taking everyday. the mother of my kids weak point is that she does not have time for my baby girl by going out for Shows(music) coming late hour and her attitude toward me is bad. Now she went to welfare to make complain that i took the baby girl which i did because i want her to be with me and also sue me to court. Kindly advise me what should i do?

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