Good day lawyer,please I need your advise on this issue that has bugged me for long

Partiality in allocation of federal government landed property by presidential implementation committee on the sale of govt houses in lagos.

Sometime in 2006,my husband(of blessed memory) obtained expression of interest form for the the 2 bedroom flat where we have lived for 23 years, after the govt advertised the sale of its properties for legal sitting tenants . thereafter,he filled the form and obtained a #10000 bank draft which is the required fee for proof of expression of interest.once he was through with the process, he proceeded to the lagos state liaison office of the committee at oyikan abayomi drive,ikoyi on September 9 of that same year along with a letter of introduction signed by his then commander,acknowledging him as the occupant of the said property;and submitted all the required documents.

About six(6) months later,on the 27th of march 2007;he took part in the FHA house verification exercise which was conducted at festac.he paid the sum of #5000 for the verification and was issued a receipt to that effect.Thereafter,he was issued an acknowledgement slip after returning the verification form attached with the dopist slip,letter of allocation,receipt of payment and deed of assignment.follwing the successful completion of the verification,it was indicated in the verification slip that his deed of sublease was being processed.

Fast forward to 2012,when the list of allotees was published,my husband's name was replaced with my neighbour's who equally is an occupant in the said 2bedroom flat.As a matter of fact;we occupy one bedroom and the sitting room while he has the other room and the kitchen,my husband was his senior in rank and number of years in service, and lastly we came into occupation of the said property in 1993 while he occupied his around 1998.

Following the realisation of this perceived injustice on the part of the committee,I was advised by concerned individuals to visit the committee's head office in abuja.Due to paucity of funds,I couldn't go immediately. It was 2 years later, in 2014 I took my son there and informed them of the anomaly. Upon getting there,we explained the discrepancy to the lady in charge,following which she searched for the file containing the list of those who expressed interest in the property. surprisingly, we found my husband's name written in ink instead of typed as is the case with other occupants in the block of 16 flats.after this discovery,i was directed to write a letter to the head of the committee detailing all these,this I did and received a stamped copy.

In june of the same year, being five months after we filed the petition, I called the lady to ask about their decision on the matter,and I was informed my husband made an error in the expression of interest form which I view as inconsequential.The only error he made while filling the form was where he wrote 2003 instead of 2006 when he filled and submitted the form.

I am aware the committee engages in shady deals in order to make extra money from the sale of these properties which number over is on this backdrop that my neighbour sensing my husband is late,went behind to bribe the committee in order that my husbands name can be replaced with his.

As I write this,he has issued me and my 7 kids a notice to quit by end of September and I have no where to go since I'm yet to get my late husband's insurance claim.i have a shop close to where I live and that's me and my kid's only source of livelihood.As a matter of fact,of the 5 widows in my neighborhood, I am the only one experiencing this injustice,as others have been issued their offer of leasehold letters.Also,the said neighbour has a house that is near completion and has been transfered out of the state leaving his wife and 3 kids behind.I on the other hand have 7 kids and a grand child to cater for.

What do you think,seeing as my husband is entitled to this property on the basis of seniority and preoccupation;and not the flimsy excuse of the minor error he made on the form,as this is inconsequential? what is important is the fact that he expressed interest in the property when it was advertised(2006),paid the required fee as proof of his expression of interest, and the Nigeria police deducts his monthly rent from his salary from 1993 to 2011 when he passed on.

I sent a petition to the directorate for Citizen's Right,lagos state ministry of justice following which a letter was given to me to deliver to the presidential implementation committee's liaison office at ikoyi.It will be 2 weeks by Monday since I submitted the letter.I'm about to go to the office of the public defender so I can get a lawyer because I'm not satisfied with the lackadaisical attitude of the guys at the directorate for Citizen's Right.please advise me accordingly, this injustice shouldn't see the light of the day.

Thank you.


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