Good day sir/MA, kindly look into my issue and advice because I need a lawyer ASAP. He also posted pictures of himself and the lady in question wearing the same t-shirt on Facebook and announced his relationship with her to everyone including family members and friends. My husband and I got married on the 7th of November 2014 in a registry in lagos then did other rites church and traditional marriage in may 2015.
We have been okay until June after I delivered my daughter he started to act funny and was threatening to get physical with me even for very irrelevant issues, he has done that a few things in our marriage. On one occasion my mum and his dad were around and a little agreement ensued between us and in front of them he said "you will pay for this" kind of threaten my life, he later went ahead to text my dad that he was no longer interested in our marriage for no just reason, he actions were questionable. Days later things got worse he was acting irratic like he was going to hurt me, for fear of my life I kind of escaped to my parents house with my daughter who was about 1 month and half this was on the 15th of July 2016.. My family made efforts to resolve the issue but he wasn't ready to and he even dragged his family along on his decision and the father was solidly behind him that the marriage should come to an end for no reasonable reason. Since then till now he hasn't asked about his daughter or even sent one dime, presently a lady who I have always know as his colleague has moved into my home with my husband, I just never knew he was having an affair and this lady is using my properties and all my things, my neighbors keep seeing her even tie my wrapper. Before this I went to back to my home to discover my husband has changed all the locks. I am a nursing mother and for now I am not working yet and he left responsibility of this child on me alone.. Mind you the house and properties in it we both together, I paid the house rent and both my own quotes, and he has his things too even my personal belonging and that of my daughter is all there.. What can I do legal about this situation??? What can I sue him for? How can I enforce his taken care of his child responsibility? Especially as a legal wife.... Is this a case of bigamy? Or what exactly? Or is there nothing the law can do for me as he has gone against the oath of the marriage under act. Thanks my legal friends.. I will pick my law as soon as I get a satisfactory response so we Commerce work ASAP. God bless

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