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Blessing Amaka Nwanyie - Practicing for 3 years

A dedicated lawyer. My foremost interest is to protect the rights and interests of my clients. I am proficient in all areas of law, shipping, logistics, business law and farming too.

Lagos State, Nigeria

Whyte Habeeb Ibidapo - Practicing for 4 years

Ogun State, Nigeria


If you are in severe financial difficulty and are considering going bankrupt, no doubt you will have many questions. Here we will tell you more about what bankruptcy is.

Bankrupty is a form of insolvency and is normally only suitable if you can’t pay back your debts in a reasonable time. Assets you own, such as your house or car, will usually be sold to pay off your debts. So if your assets are worth more than your debts, or if all of your regular payments are up to date and you can afford to keep paying them, bankruptcy is unlikely to be the best option for you.

After you have been d More